Penguin Locations 23rd-31st August

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If anyone would like to join me for Penguins pls pm me in game. Please bring Penguin Device & Tele Runes & other Transport Modes as required.

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1. Gnome Stronghold bush
2. East Karamja bush roaming wasr side usering gkp
3. Brimhaven bush in capn arnavs house
4. Witchaven rock in house Ne of ardy market
5. Gnome Maze bush ardy castle south wing

6. Scorpion Pit rock in deserted keep with lever tele from Edge and Ardy
7. Lava Maze rock will be in lava maze any world
8.Mort Myre bush slayer tower
9. Neitiznot bush trapped on green island
10. South Central rock (wildy) old sc in Lava maze
12. Desert TARDIS cactus at house south of Sumona in Pollyvenach

Bear at Falador South gate
Circus a Draynor


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