Penguin Locations 6th-12th October

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If anyone would like to join me for Penguins pls pm me in game. Please bring Penguin Device & Tele Runes & other Transport Modes as required.

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds –

RuneScape Forum 1-Points
1. Gnome Stronghold pumkin at Terrorbird pen spy over fence from Eagles peak lode
2. Eagles’ Peak pumkin in Ardy castle South wing
3. Feldip pumkin in yanille north wall
4. White Wolf pumkin on ledge to death plateau
5. Sawmill pumkin trapped in area

6. Scorpion Pit pumkin (wildy) at deserted keep
7. Miscellania pumkin in Etceteria castle wall
8. Neitiznot pumkin trapped in town area
9. Port Phasmatys pumkin in house west of bank
10. Northern Sophanem pumkin trapped in NW corner temple
12. Canifis pumkin trapped in Frenkenstrain castle NW room

Bear at Ardy well
Circus at seers village near lode


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