Penguin Locations W60 20th-27th December

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1. Digsite – last in Exam Centre/Center

2. Dorgesh-Kaan – last in northeast side room near mine entrance

3. Witchaven – last at Ardougne jade vine mansion, west of market

4. Gnome Stronghold – last spyable over fence southeast of Eagles lodestone, north of terrorbirds

5. Eagles Peak – last in ardy castle south wing

6. Feldip – last in Yanille south wall

7. Elf/Tirannwn – over leaf trap, east of bridge to Prifddinas

8. Neitiznot – cannot leave green isle north of Neitz town

9. Wilderness – last at Deserted Keep/lever area, level 50s

10. Miscellania – last in Etceteria (east) castle wall

11. Ghost Penguin – teleports frequently, check spy device for hints

12. Port Phasmatys – cannot leave town, last in house west of bank

Polar Bear – Falador well, west of south city entrance

Circus – Edgeville

All are snowpengs


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