Penguin Locations W60 30th Nov-6th Dec

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1. Mudskipper bush – last at farmhouse south of Falador

2. East Karamja bush – roams east island outside of shipyard, south of fairy ring DLQ

3. Brimhaven bush – last in Arnav’s house, southwest of Brimhaven spirit tree patch

4. Eagles Peak bush – last in Ardougne Castle, south wing

5. Feldip rock – last in Yanille SOUTH wall

6. Sophanem cactus – last in northeast temple/bank building

7. Wilderness rock – last in Lava Maze, spawns there on all worlds

8. Mort Myre bush – last in Slayer Tower

9. Miscellania bush – last in Etceteria (east) Castle wall

10. Neitiznot rock – cannot leave Neitz town island

11. Ghost Penguin – teleports frequently, check spy device for hints

12. Mos Le Harmless barrel – last on northwest town wall

Polar Bear – Varrock well, southeast gated area

Circus- seers villiage


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