Penguins 8th -14th December

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If anyone would like to join me for Penguins pls pm me in game. Please bring Penguin Device & Tele Runes & other Transport Modes as required. All pengs are Snow pengs for December so a good time to use your weekly D& D tokens.

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds – RuneScape Forum 1-Points
1. McGrubor’s Wood bush trapped in woods
2. Castle Wars bush in Yanille north wall
3. Ice Mountain rock at Draynor manor
4. Port Khazard barrel in clockyower south of zoo ardy cape tele get you close
5. Entrana barrel trapped on island last on north side

6. Jatizso bush in jatz foodhall
7 Lunar Isle rock roaming last on north side
8. Ape Atoll barrel roaming south of town
9. Jatizso rock in jatzico East tower
10. Canifis crate in Frenkenstein castle
12. North of KBD rock (wildy) roaming next of deserted keep last
bear Rellekka
Circus east of varrock near sawmill


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