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It has been suggested to me in chat & not for the first time that we should perhaps look at our recruitment policy and if we are to change any of our requirements & policy I think we should all participate in a discussion on this.

A few of us have been placing the clan vex lately & I have changed the contact details on R/S Clan forum page. ( I check that daily) Up to now these have not produced any response.

The few suggestions that have thus far been made are to change :

  • Age Restriction, which is currently 18
  • Skill Level, currently 1500
  • Allowing potential recruits to enter CC, we currently allow anyone to enter our F/C

I am throwing this open for discussion & would appreciate all comments & suggestions.


  1. Tyler

    Here are my thoughts. While we could make the age and skill levels to soft caps, meaning we are more flexible as long as the person shows they are mature, those requirements have not been my issue. I’ve had no one interested enough in even asking about our group. So I guess I am not sure if our requirements have anything to do with that. I feel stuck on step 1 which is getting players to talk about our clan lol.

    There is a world for clan recruitment but it doesn’t seem to have many players. Maybe I could try being in that world a little bit. Would really love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. Thanks for starting this discussion Paws.

  2. Mad Mordegai

    I agree with Tyler that maturity is the key issue, hoping that this property supports the level of respect for each other that we insist upon as core value of the clan. The minimum requirement of 1500 total or age restriction of 18 years of age (the latter looking more to potential ‘adult’ conversations than maturity) can always be subject to discussion. The main reason however for a few minor restrictions is the requirement of commitment, just like the joining-procedure. If someone finds these minor bumps to much of a hurdle, they are most probably looking for instant gratification. Like Freddy Murcury sang in Bohemian Rapsody “easy come easy go”.
    Recruitment isn’t and has never been (nor can it be) the efforts of one person. It is the effort of the whole clan and I should talk, being absent most of the time (be it that I have been hopping on and off lately, to find the chats empty most times), to inspire players to come and have a look and feel and/or make them feel welcome in the chats. The option of acquiring a reading account on this website is present.
    In my view the recruiter may be head of sales and marketing, but each of us is a host 🙂

  3. Clarice

    I also have had the vex out and i usually examine a few people and if they aren’t in a clan i ask them if they are interested but the response is usually nah i like to run solo..I am all for dropping the age barrier but agree it all comes down to maturity, sorry am not much help here lol

  4. Paws Arwen

    This discussion has been open a week with “prompt” on Log in msge.
    Those that have replied have all mentioned the Maturity issue & I agree. I have had the same lack of response from Vex & ” Examine”
    It seems that there is no support to change our recruitment policies. So I will close this discussion. We can re-visit if necessary.

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