Runeclan not working

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Nescio competitions | 6 comments

Hi all! With it being DXP I just wanted to share that runeclan is not working. If you are not familiar, it’s the website I have used for us in the past to monitor and record the xp we all get during BXP. With it being down, for now I don’t have a good way to track all of the progress. I hope to find a better solution by the next DXP. If you have any ideas, I am all ears! 🙂


  1. Nano

    I stop for the coming time with Runescape. My membership ended recently and I will not extend it. I miss the vivid talks too much. I only see Sherry (or miss Sherry). And sometimes Clarice. I admit: I was also playing less and less. But only increasing experience on archeology and capping the cita is a bit boring.
    I hope the clan will attract some new members. I might come back after a few months.
    I will check the clan site from time to time.

    Take care,

  2. Paws Arwen

    I’m sorry to see you go Nano. I do know how you feel. As the only UK player I find myself alone most of the time.
    My hours have reduced too with Hubby’s retirement.
    Things haven’t been the same since we lost Christie even though we have tried.
    We will miss you and without your great help at Citadel it would have degraded by now.
    You will be very welcome to return anytime.

  3. Paws Arwen

    I have moved Nano’s post to it’s own category as it is important.
    Sorry I couldn’t work out how to delete it from here.
    Thank you Tyler for the information about Runeclan.

  4. Nano

    I didn’t intend to leave the clas. Is it possible to stay as a “sleeping” member? I do have good memories to you folks.
    see you sometime later

  5. Paws Arwen

    I’m sorry to have written the wrong title Nano I have amended it.
    Of course you are welcome anytime to resume in Nescio anytime.

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