Sherry ( Dragon 9941)

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Clan Discussion, Private section | 15 comments

I have been approached about letting Sherry re-join the Clan. I am not sure of the exact circumstances of her leaving. I kept in touch with her via game Pm for a while after she left & I know Christie did & others too.

I would like comments about Sherry re-joining the clan as we don’t have a voting system atm. I can re-invite her to clan. Please post here. If anyone has objections & doesn’t want to say so here pls pm me on forum or in game. I will respect anyone’s confidence that tells me anything in private.

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  1. Diederik22

    I cant remember her story of leaving so therefore i also cant think of a reason why she cant come back.

  2. Paws Arwen

    I have voted. Thank you very much for creating the poll Tyler.

  3. Tyler

    I have added a poll, please feel free to use it. I am also here to support if anyone would like to talk to me via pm or in game as well.

    I have a brief memory of the time when she left. Looking through records she left a little over three years ago for the second time due to undisclosed conflict in the group, apparently.
    Three years is quite a while. I’m willing to try a new, fresh start.

  4. Clarice

    I would love to have her back in the clan, I have voted and paws paul cant get into clan we are as thick as two bricks when it comes to puters morde and christie tried their hardest to get us both in when we succeeded with one of us getting i said thats fine lol but Paul said to pls count him in as a yes..Sherry has never joined another clan since she left she just flew solo

  5. Sigmund

    I voted and look forward to seeing Sherry in chat.

  6. Mad Mordegai

    I did not vote. Some info and corrections perhaps. She actually did join another clan for a while. The first time she left the clan it was because she was warned about her behaviour, which violated clan rules. There was always a trigger in her real life situation which I am not willing to disclose to protect Sherry’s privacy. The first time she threatened to leave several times and when warned she actually did. The second time she ‘left’ the clan unwillingly by my action, after she did, while having been warned a second time about her behaviour, again violate clan rules.
    This being said, if the clan votes to accept her as a clanmate again I will respect and support that decision. If however she displays the same behaviour of disrespect that led to her first two departures, I will without remorse enable her next departure.

  7. Paws Arwen

    Can I just explain when I posted my original post there was no poll. I was seeking Clan mates opinion on Sherry re-joining. The Poll was set up after my initial post. After seeing all comments & now vote, I suggest we allow Sherry as a guest in F/C with a Smiley ( when I work out how to do that ) for a trial period ?

  8. Clarice

    that would be awesome ty paws

  9. Nano

    Let us hope she learned how to behave now.

  10. Nano

    she could prove it in the trial period

  11. Diederik22

    I talked with sherry ingame. She gets the the not allowed warning for FC

  12. Paws Arwen

    Thanks Jo I’ll try & sort it. Inow have access to go2mycc & some instructions from Mordy.

  13. Paws Arwen

    Sherry can now access F/C

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