Skilling week rules

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  1. This is only for fun, its friendly competition, within a community, don’t take this too seriously, in some skills money may be a factor, but it’s not the point to win, but to have fun and raise a certain skill, in a week. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT
  2. Skilling weeks will start on Friday at about 6 PM game time every first Friday of the month. This will give an entire weekend for the skills competition and the following weekends for your own skilling. Hopefully this will work for the people that have to work the weekends.
  3. I will update the stats everyday, in most cases by 6 PM game time. The updates are only as accurate as the RS high scores, so if you haven’t logged for awhile, don’t worry; I’ll get the experience on the next day.
  4. I will use the clan chat and clan loggin message to remind everyone when a skill week will start, so if you are working on that particular skill you will need to log.
  5. In the same fashion, I will use the clan chat to remind everyone when the skill week will end so you can log out.
  6. If your level for a skill does not register in the high scores please PM me before the week starts with your beginning experience and anytime you want your progress in the daily updates.
  7. Lastly, I am using an Excel tracker to do the updates with. This tracker is FLAWLESS, however I am not. If you think there is an error with your starting experience, experience gained or ending experience, please PM me so I can fix the problem where it exists.
  8. Weekly winners will be registered in the “Hall of Fame” link and each skilling week will have the top three for experience as well as the top three level gainers honored.
  9. We will have a badge for each of the number ones on experience and levels (most * gained). Those badges can be proudly worn in your forum signature FOREVER!

Thank you and happy skilling :P


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