We are open!

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Private section | 4 comments

Welcome Nescio member!

As of today the new Nescio Clan Website annex blog is open to have you read what other members wrote, but also to share your own thoughts.

As soon as you are rregistered as Nescio Clan member, you will be able to post, read private content and even make your own entire pages on this website.

Where on the old forum you could write text… it takes just as many clicks to post on this forum. The clicks just need to happen on different spots. It may take some getting used to for people who never used WordPress before but everyone is more than smart enough to get the hang of it in one or two posts. Also different, it is much easier now to add media to your post, be it just an image or embed video, sound and other nifty stuff. Add visual effects, pick your own fonts and much much more is possible in this new format.

So please let us register you again on this website, Nescio’s new home. And please give us your valid e-mail address so you receive your starting password. after that you can login, click the W logo in the top left corner and select your profile, where you can change it. If you need any help, please talk to us in the friend’s chat and we will assist in any way we can.



  1. Paws Arwen

    Thank You Mordy, You & Christie have done a terrific job on making our new Clan Website.

  2. Nano

    Thanks a lot. It really looks great!!!

  3. Clarice

    woohoooo the first site i have managed to ever get on thanks morde and christie for making it easy to access for us that are not so puter save

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