What would you like to see?

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Hey everyone! My school (work) year is ending and my college class just started up again so talk about things being crazy right now. I just have another overly crazy week and then things will calm down again for me.

However, I wanted to see what kinds of things would people like to see on here? I was thinking I could start posting clan achievements. Would really love to see what you all are interested in too.

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Nano

    Ty for this initiative. Clan achievements are always nice to seen.
    But there is more. In the old site there was also a section with personal introductions. I miss that here. A bit about personal live. Who = who. To feel a bit more connected. If you create a thread or section, I ill certainly tell a bit more about myself.


    • Tyler

      Hey Nano what a great idea. I’ll see if I can get that going here soon!

  2. Paws Arwen

    Thank you for starting this thread. I agree with Nano on Clan achievements they are always nice to see.
    It is a pity we lost so much of the old forum when it shut down.
    There is a small section here on Bio’s on dashboard: Dashboard-All Users-User-Biographical but not all have completed.

    I am in Favour of a more prominent blog if it makes us feel more connected like Nano says.

  3. Paws Arwen

    Sorry I thought of this afterwards:
    I have heard some say they cant get on the forum like Lilly & she did use /contribute to the old forum. ( I am not techy enough to know how to help her with that)
    Also we need a place for clan votes in case we want to change things. An ex clan mate is interested in returning to the clan, there was some drama when he left but I don’t know the full story. 2 of the clanmates who expressed strong feelings about the matter have left the clan so I would like to assess other’s opinion about him returning.

  4. Tyler

    I’ll look into both the bio blog and other options for it and the voting system. All would be a good thing for us to have.

    I wonder if others are having a hard time navigating and posting on the site or if they have issues simply loading and looking at things. I have noticed mobile is a bit harder. If it’s the navigating and posting I can certainly get some very in depth tutorials with step by step pictures to follow.

  5. Diederik22

    I got some minor points:

    Who can kill the lights in the castle that is on the background?
    I see white text on a dark picture which is good, but when the text goes over a light point its hard to read.

    I miss the filter to filter the for me unread messages

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