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by | Jul 6, 2023 | Clan Discussion | 7 comments

Hey gang! I wanted to make a post for everyone to think about and share thoughts or opinions about the clan. Do you want to see more members in the clan? Events for those of us playing? Better use of these forums or some other feature in game? Work on bringing the citadel back online?

I would really love to hear anything you might have to share! Josh suggested bringing skilling weeks back, as well as offering some PvM events. Would anybody else be interested in events like that? Would rewards for winners be a good motivation to participate, or would you rather just for the fun?

Please feel free to share anything and everything on your mind! I hope to hear from you all. I will continue to check the forums once a day for any posts! 🙂


  1. Josh

    I think both more members and events would be a pretty important addition for growth and participation. As far as rewards, that could be added later as more people and participation increases.

    PvM events as a group would be fun for those who want to. There is also the boss that is meant for skillers and doesn’t require combat.

    Another idea I had, was maybe a casket stacking event. We would all do as many clues and possible and hold on to all of our caskets until a specific date, and then maybe use discord, and share our screens and watch each other open whatever caskets we have. Kind of a fun little event idea.

    When it comes to getting more people to join, I don’t really know what the best option is, but the RuneScape forums seems to be decent. Maybe we need to get a little more active on that to try and get people.

  2. Tyler

    Great ideas Josh! I really like the idea of a casket stacking event! I know we used to have a thread on the forums; I’ll check that out and see if that can help us. I should take some time to openly advertise in the game around various areas. I believe if anyone puts a clan vex out, it lets interested people PM whoever laid the vex.

  3. Clarice

    i would love pvm groups soooo many bosses i have never seen lol not sure about the citadel it becomes a chore but if others want it i will certainly participate …the casket event also sounds great… I miss you guys so much

  4. Paws Arwen

    Due to R/L i am not getting much game time atm but I will play & help when I can.
    As most know I am not into combat & I do not use discord but I have no problems with others doing so.
    I did post on the R/S clan forums after Christie died but I haven’t checked it in a while.
    We can all try the clan vex & invite people & our F/C is open to anyone now.
    Skill weeks were great fun but participation did tail off as more of us maxed. It was also a hell of a lot of work for Christie to host them & track the results. I haven’t the time or the computer skills to do that.
    As far as the citadel goes the interest waned & although it was easy for me using both avatars plus 1 other mate capping the problem became getting the required 5 visitors a week & tbh it got to the stage were I felt I was nagging people to visit. I cant even visit the citadel to see how far it has dilapidated unless 5 people attempt to visit.
    Sorry if all this seems negative but on a positive note it is nice that the forum is getting some interaction.

  5. Tyler

    Awesome, thank you for sharing Clarice and Paws!

  6. Mad Mordegai

    If people were wondering, yes, I am still here – or rather again, since I had vacation in the south of France for a couple of weeks. Maybe it would be good to attract some new members who aren’t already maxed and/or people who returned to the game and found out they are no longer maxed… That would not only be good for the citadel (which misses the chance at this time for a lot of skills to be trained) but also give an opportunity for other clannies to help those people with guidance and advice.
    I myself still don’t have time to re-enter the game any time soon. I am busy with so many things irl at the moment that it takes all my time (and then some), but I do think of y’all often! <3

  7. Tyler

    It is really nice to hear from you Mord! I am glad to hear you have taken some vacation and life is keeping you busy. I hope things continue to be good for you and your wife 🙂

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