Double Achievements

by | May 30, 2022 | About me in real life, Celebrations | 5 comments

Hello everyone! With DXPW now wrapped up I wanted to share two big achievements of mine. The first is an IRL achievement. I applied for new position at my school and was offered two! I got to pick between teaching a 3rd and 4th grade class (we have two grades in most classes) or being the kindergarten teacher. I was very happy to accept the kindergarten teaching position! It’s been a long time goal of mine to teach kindergarten so I am very excited to finally have the opportunity!

The second achievement was on RS3. I finally was able to get to 120 farming! My 3rd 120 now I have gotten but very happy to have it. The cape perk is one I will definitely use (free super-compost!). Thanks for letting me share these with you all. I hope over the summer I will get to see more of you online as I have more free time! 🙂


  1. Clarice

    woohooooo tyler biggest congrats to your teaching position i am soo happy for you, and awesome achievement on 120 farming and omg i did not know about that cape perk i will be using mine now also biggest congrats and biggest hugggggs i soooo miss seeing you in the game

  2. Paws Arwen

    Like Clarice I did not know about the Farm cape perk so thank you for sharing that info & huge congrats on your 120.
    I am so pleased you got the the teaching position & to have the choice of 2 is awesome.

  3. Tyler

    Thank you so much Clarice and Paws! That means a lot to me. I am also very excited for the job 🙂

    To use the 120 farming cape perk, all you have to do is equip the cape while you do your farm runs. As soon as the patch is harvested and empty, the cape automatically applies super compost to the patch. I had the leprechaun refund me my gp to auto add the compost to herb patches too.

  4. Nano

    yes really great! Congrats for your new job.

    Be happy in rl is the most important there is. Enjoy your new position.

  5. Mad Mordegai

    Congratulations Tyler! What a great set of achievements! 🙂

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