Penguin Group Hunt

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Some of you expressed an interest in doing a Peng hunt together. I do every week & they are very good XP. If anyone wishes to join me I will be hunting regular Penguins ( as oposed to the Penguin Agents ) on Saturday. I can do at anytime between 2.30pm -6pm game time if anyone wishes to join me. As all Pengs are pumpkins in October it is a good time to do as they are easier to spot. I will announce in F/C what time to meet at the Polar Bear which is in Ardy well this week. We will use World 60. We will public chat while we hunt the Pengs so I can go to World60peng friends chat for ones I struggle to find.

For week 14th October the Pengs Locations are as Follows:
1 Points Tele/Equipment needed
01. Entrana…………… roaming on Island Wicked Hood or Port Sarim Lode
02. Death Plateau… trapped at Path Games Necklace or B’thorpe Lode
03. Rellekka………….. in town in cow pen Fremennik Lode
04. Karamja………….. last at Hut near Capt’n Arnav’s Spirit Tree or Catheby Lode
05. M T A………………. at Mage Training Arena Garden Ring of Duelling or Al Kharid Lode
2 Points
06. Canifis……………. in Fenkenstrain’s Castle Canfis Lode
07. Jig Jig……………. in Yanille North Wall Yanille lode
08. North of KBD… inside Lava Maze Widy Sword or Wakka canoe

09. Mort Myre……… in Slayer Tower Slayer Ring
10. Piscatoris……….. last at Ardougne Castle north wing Ardougne Tele or Ardounge Lode
12. Elf Camp………… trapped south of camp (need Back To Freezer quest) Tiranwwn Quiver

11. Ghost Penguin Ring of Visability
Bear in Ardy Well at lodestone.

Please bring Penguin Spy Device with you, If you dont already have you can get from Larry or Chuck in Ardy Zoo.

Please also bring the listed Items with you this week. If you dont have any of the items we can do those Pengs last but they will take longer to run to the location. If we go to Wildy we will remove all “ Gear” & only take wildy Sword to tele to herb patch. So we will do last. The Lav Maze is the furthest location so it is just as easy to “die” & be tele’d to Edgeville rather than run back to lvl 20 Wildy.

Please bear n mind that some players are slower ( me ) than other’s so we will wait for anyone to catch up & spy each Peng. You can let me know here or in F/C whether you wish to Participate.

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