Penguin Locations 14th -20th July

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If anyone would like to join me for Penguins pls pm me in game. Please bring Penguin Device & Tele Runes & other Transport Modes as required.

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds – RuneScape Forum Penguin Locations spotted on World 60 on Wednesday – 14/07/2021 @ 07:24 RS Time

1-Point Penguins
1) Mudskipper bush on boat east of lodestone
2) Rellekka rock in cow pen
3) Brimhaven bush last near docks
4) Mage Arena bush in Mta garden North of Duel arena
5) Zanaris toadstool at otherwordlies


6) Southern Sophanem cactus roaming
7) North of KBD rock (wildy) last at keep
8) Mort Myre bush in Slayer tower
9) Piscatoris crate in Ardy castle south wing
10) Castle Wars rockin Yanille south wall
12) Desert TARDIS cactus in house South of Sumona in Pollivenach

Bear in Rellekka well
Circus at Seers lodestone


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